The ERIN WILSON Challenge


A little history here…. I used to write for a little newspaper thing called Connect Statesboro. I was writing an article for the local theater at the time my friend was in Mame. I wrote this in response to a conversation we had. I still laugh every time I read it. 

The other day I was at my friend Lucas’ house, and who was there much to our delight? Why it was ERIN WILSON. Lucas is the brother of ERIN WILSON. I mentioned to her that I was doing an article on Averitt Stars and ERIN WILSON, being the kidder that ERIN WILSON is, said, “I’ll pay you five dollars for every time you mention my name.” We laughed, ERIN WILSON and I, but thought, “Wow, Five dollars! I think I can fit the name ERIN WILSON in an article maybe, what, twenty times!” and that is exactly what I told ERIN WILSON.

ERIN WILSON was of course, the break out star of Mame. I’ve known ERIN WILSON for quite a while and I can tell you that the term “break-out star” is vastly understating the awesomeness of talent the encapsulates the woman known to many as ERIN WILSON. I’ve been best friends with ERIN WILSON’s husband Jason for years and I’ve had the pleasure of knowing all three of ERIN WILSON’s angelic children who were no doubt plucked from the bosom of heaven itself to round out the picturesque family of ERIN WILSON.

Here’s a fun fact about ERIN WILSON that you might not know. ERIN WILSON has, somewhere in ERIN WILSON’s house, a CD of herself, ERIN WILSON, singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway.” I’m told that it is just as good if not better than the original which ERIN WILSON covered. You might be wondering why I am taking the time to type ERIN WILSON in all caps. That is a calculated move by me as a writer. I am drawing attention to each mention of that majestic name of ERIN WILSON by placing it higher that all the other words so it stands tall and proud. ERIN WILSON’s name will be the fiery beacons that light this article, so that you will never forget the day you read this article that I’m writing about ERIN WILSON.

At last count I believe that ERIN WILSON has appeared in this article at least 23 times. Excuse me…


25 times. That last one counts as two because it’s bigger. (Note: It’s supposed to be bigger but I can’t figure out how to make it bigger on this blog.) I believe I have not only fulfilled the contract that ERIN WILSON and I had, but exceeded. Much like ERIN WILSON exceeds our expectations every time she appears on stage. In summation, no clumsy collection of words could ever really give an apt description of the woman ERIN WILSON. So I will end with the only thing that can: ERIN WILSON.



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