My Dad is Awesome


This coming Sunday is Father’s Day. Naturally, I can’t leave my pops hangin’! I’ve gotta blog about him too. Here are some of the things I think my dad did right.

1. He played with me and read to me.

I remember many, many times when dad would lay down on the floor and play He-Man figures with me. We would sit for what seemed like hours in front of Castle Greyskull. I always wanted He-Man and Skeletor to have parties instead of fight, so that’s what we did. Dad also read books to me regularly. He read book so many times that he started changing the words, to which we would laugh and laugh. It’s a proud tradition that I carry on today when I have to read about Sleeping Beauty and her pet dragon. He also played Joust with me on the Atari 2600. Joust was the only game I could ever get him to play!

2. He ignited my love for bad movies.

I love watching a good movie, but I also love watching terrible ones. I love cheesy, campy nonsense. The kind of stuff where the filmmakers are not entirely aware they are making a bad movie so they just go at it with gusto. I attribute this to my dad. We watched quite a few bad movies together. Dad and I watched the cinematic gem, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. We also watched some movie called, Monster in the Closet or something. Dad was always telling me about this movie, Motel Hell. I finally did get to watch it with him. It was divine in its awfulness. I never did make him watch Manos: The Hands of Fate though.

3. He has a funny sense of humor.

One day my mom made dad and I go to the grocery store. Neither of us wanted to go. So as mom got groceries, we proceeded to lay stinky, nasty farts all through the store. It was hilarious. We will sometimes riff on what we’re watching on TV together. Some horrible tragedy will befall a character and one of us will go, “Don’t be such a whiner!” I’ll never forget the day dad told me the joke about the snowman and his snowpants – that is one of my favorite jokes.

4. He provided an example of a good work ethic.

Now I’m not saying my mom had a bad work ethic. Not even close. They both worked hard, but this blog’s about dad. He worked hard – often 50 to 60 hours a week at a lumber yard. He did this despite the fact that he was what most would call “handicapped.” A disability that would crush weaker men, would make them die inside, limping to the disability office for a check. Well… that disability only pissed dad off. He did more work at that yard than most of the people half his age.

5. He paid the bills.

I know to some people that might not sound like much, but consider this. My belly was never empty. My Christmases were always awesome. I had a Nintendo and a collection of tapes and CDs that was probably the largest in the neighborhood. I never had to worry about where my next meal was coming from. I never had to wonder whether the light would come on when I flicked the switch. My childhood was pretty dang comfortable and I was blessed to have a dad as dedicated to providing for me as he was.

Now, this isn’t a complete list, naturally. I think my dad did more right than I gave him credit for sometimes. We didn’t always see eye to eye when I was a teenager. As I look back I realize how much he loved me (and still loves me) and I am grateful. I love you, Dad!




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