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  1. Tom

    Hey Adam,

    I came across your site adamipodreviews.blogspot.com and I would like to send you a copy of John DeGrazio’s newest album, Stronghold, to check out for your site. John is a Christian pop/rock artist.

    John is an accomplished singer/composer/producer and a two-time ASCAP Award winner. He has a number one hit song to his credit, has worked with many major label artists, played in the Dove Award winning group Burlap to Cashmere, and toured with Jars of Clay, DC Talk, and Jaci Velasquez.

    For more info on John DeGrazio, check out the following sites:

    Please email me back and I’ll send you a copy!


  2. Troy Keyes

    I wanted to say thank you for your blog. You remind of me of my own self when it comes to music and the opinion of it. We happen to own ALOT of the same cds. I became a christian by the influence of the band Deliverance. To this day they are my favorite band and that was over 15 years ago. My name is Troy and I live in Ga as well. Again, I wanted to say thank you for your blog, it is a pleasure to read.

  3. I saw your review of XL & DBD, but the website wouldn’t let me comment on it. Anyay, XL (Todd Stevens) is a friend of mine. “Live from Ninevah” despite it’s title is a studio album and it’s more mainstream hard rock with no rap vocals. It reminds me a lot of Alice In Chains. XL also put out a totally rap CD, no rock at all. I also have a handful of independent CD’s and demos that he gave me. One is even his praise and worship band “Psalt”. Feel Free to contact me and I could hook you up with some of this other stuff.

  4. Shelley

    Hi Adam,
    I am searching like mad for the “Rock Power Praise, Vol. 2: Christmas Hymns”. I just heard this music for the first time this Christmas season and I LOVE IT. I cannot find the downloads anywhere. I really want to help my fiance get into the Christmas spirit, and I know this music will really help. Plus, I am a huge fan of it too! Can you let me know where/how you got yours?
    Wishing you a very happy New Year!
    God bless!

  5. avsherwood1

    Hey Shelley…

    It’s been so long I can’t actually remember where I got mine. You might want to try some of the links on my music blog like Old Christian Music and Flipside. You can also try searching Frontline records. They’ve been putting old stuff on Itunes lately. Good luck.

  6. Norbert

    Hi Adam,
    I accidently came across your “Adam’s Ipod“ site and absolutely love it! I really like your taste in music and already bought some new LP´s on iTunes!
    In your review from August 22, 2011 you wrote about the singer Nina and her album “No Shadow of Turning”. Unfortunately I can`t find it on Amazon or iTunes. Would it possible for you to mail me her cover of “Turn, Turn, Turn”? I like this song since Iam a child and I would love to hear another version of it.
    Sorry for my bad English 🙂
    All the best from Munich
    Email: nlt.kebinger@gmx.de

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